About Nicole

on 20 July 2015

Born Nicole Marie Londrico in Cleveland, Ohio from my father Phil Londrico who is 100% Italian, and my mother Linda Londrico, maiden name (Parianos) who is 100% Greek. Which makes me proud to be half Italian and half Greek.
I grew up with a passion for acting, and singing, with a natural talent for songwriting. I think my musical talent comes from my Greek grandmother (ya ya) who used to play piano and sing for us when we were little, (RIP ya ya )I love you.

My older brother Phil was also a songwriter, and introduced me to the recording studios, when I was only 9 years old. He saw a talent in me that I didn't even know existed. During one of the studio sessions my brother took me to, he heard me in the corner singing softly the song that he was recording at the time. He stopped and couldn't believe what he heard and put me in the singing booth immediately. He took off his headphones, put them on me and adjusted them, then handed me the mic. I was scared as I was young but my brother encouraged me and said " Just sing the song when you hear the music playing in your headphones".

The rest is history, from that point forward my brother would take me to the studio each week to record all his songs. A lot of his songs were half written so I would help with writing the lyrics and creating new melodies we were a great team together.
Over the next several years I developed into an accomplished singer/songwriter being invited to open up as a musical act for all the Summer Extention Jam fest held by the largest radio stations in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. This allowed me to open up for national recording artists such as NSync, wild orchid (Fergie) John B, Silk, and many other celebrities, performing for audiences with over 20,000 people.

Pursuing my career I decided to head to the big apple, New York City. Once settled in I started meeting people in the industry and recording at local studios in and around New York City. Working with Grammy Award Winning producer "Rockwilder" (Moulin Rouge), Blockdown Productions, D-Blocks own producer Vinny Idol and many others. A few years ago my brother decided to move to New York to help me. I started performing with my band at all NYC legendary clubs and venues. As we were trying to gain exposure for my music we found ourself's helping other independent artists which led my brother and I to form and found www.rockmetv.com which was an Internet based Music Television network that gave a platform for independent artists to perform. It was at rockmetv where I became familiar being in front of a camera, as I was blessed to interview major celebrities such as Vanessa Williams, Red Man, Aaron Carter, and many other celebrities. Being back in front of the camera sparked the acting passion inside of me, I started taking acting lessons at Acting Hart NYC which led to a part in the Dreamchaser film "Connected" at www.connectedmovie.com due for release in 2016. Today I'm focused on acting, singing and songwriting and pursuing my dreams as far as I can take them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for more information about me please visit www.nicolelondrico.com